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Sprint Retrospective – Sprint 4

Today’s meeting we talked about the following points:

First of all we gave a feedback about the Joomla plugin for those who are still making QA. where we discuss about an excel format to write bugs, what are they working on, and to solve some doubts.

– At the meeting all the people of the different teams where told to download the plugin directly from the TFS to work on it.

– Raúl asked to work from 9 to 10 on the Joomla site so nobody goes to the page while he makes some session time QA. Manuel will work from 10 to 11 on Frequencies and scales.

– We asked about doubts to solve them.

– We discuss with people to leave documentation of what they done on TFS to have the certain of what they have been working on, and to know how and why they do that.

– For those who are working on the Drupal, they told us their advances and discussed about of the Drupal plugin.