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Azure Account Migration Project Overview

The last Friday I met with Edwin Cerna to discuss about the migration of the Azure Account to a new platform. In this meeting he explained to me what the migration consists of. We basically need three scripts, one for migrating the Virtual Machines, other one to migrate the Azure SQL and the last one for migrating the Azure Web Sites.

He also prepared a power shell script to perform the migration of the VMs from an account A to an account B. Here he explained me the algorithm and the code. We have to use the script four times, one for every VM.

We also need to migrate the Azure SQL and the Azure WebSites, but the scripts for that are still pending. I’m going to prepare a meeting with him when the scripts are ready, so we can understand the logic behind them.

In collaboration with Cerna, we are going to perform the migration of the first VM, so we can replicate the process later on for the other VMs.

Event types explained

Plugins are executed when an event is triggered, so, in order to start developing our App-Insights extension for Joomla, we need to figure out where and when we want to trigger it.

In the link below we can find more information about plugins, how they work and so on. This is something we learned from the previous post, Joomla plugin example. However, this example offers information about the different types of events available and a brief description of them.

In the current sprint, my task is to find an equivalent in Joomla of wp_head function in WordPress. In WordPress, that hook is triggered when the header of the page is loaded. I would translate it to a System type of event because they are triggered during the execution cycle on Joomla. More specifically, I would say we should use the onAfterInitialise event, which is the first event to be triggered.

Of course, this is an early opinion and should be analyzed in more detail. That’s why I’m sharing the link of the example, expecting you to comment your thoughts about this:

<a href=”″ title=”Joomla plugin example” target=”_blank”>Joomla plugin example</a>

Joomla plugin example

Hello everybody, today I’m sharing a post about an example of how to work on a Joomla plugin. It explains in detail what is a plugin and how does it work. It also shows where to use hooks, explains the functionality of the code from certain files and more.

This will help us to clear some doubts about the project, and will give us a better understanding of what we must do on our project: