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Updating Our Local GitHub Client

Hey guys I made a video (in Spanish) explaining how to update your local client of GitHub to get all the new items that were added into the main proyect that we forked before!

I’ll also leave all commands I used here:

1) git remote -v
2) git remote add upstream
3) git remote -v
4) git fetch upstream
5) git checkout master
6) git merge upstream/master

A Note When Using WAMPSERVER

Hey guys I just wanted to tell you about a thing that happened to me when i was using WampServer to install my Joomla and Drupal.

I was having problems when i tried to upload the servers, my icon color stayed in “orange” and it was supposed to be green so I researched a little and found that, because I have SQL Server installed on my PC, it wasn’t able to upload the wamp servers until i stopped ALL of SQL Server services.