People who were present on the meeting:

  • Juan Manuel López
  • Herberth Arriola
  • Hugo Orozco
  • Josue Mazariegos
  • Fidel Morales
  • Giorgio Balconi
  • Susana Lopez
  • Carlos Paz
  • Jose Carlos Mendez
  • Luis Rosales
  • Karlo Lorenzana
  • Jorge Rodriguez
  • Manuel Santizo
  • José Rodriguez
  • Jose Luis Morales
  • Gustavo Zamora
  • Pablo Damian

In the retrospective meeting of the sprint 5 we talk about the following:

  • About PBI’s
    • We talk about the problems with the concrete plug-in and what can be improved for the next sprint. Present posible solutions for the problems in the PBI’s.
    • About Drupal  plug-in, the classmates doesn’t have problems with the QA of Drupal and we agree that is finished for this sprint. Then we agree that Karlo Lorenzana is in charged to upload the project to Github.
  • About joomla is pending to upload the new version of the project to JED for authorization.

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