IT Service Management

IT Service Management is the management of all people, processes and technology that cooperate to ensure the quality of live IT services, according to the levels of service agreed with the customer.

ITSM is a different approach to traditional IT , It can be said that ITSM is an enhancement to the traditional IT management, so we can see that this happens:

Traditional I/T ITSM Process
Technology focus è Process focus
“Fire-fighting” è Preventative
Reactive è Proactive
Users è Customers
Centralized, done in-house è Distributed, sourced
Isolated, silos è Integrated, enterprise-wide
“One off”, adhoc è Repeatable, accountable
Informal processes è Formal best practices
IT internal perspective è Business perspective
Operational specific è Service orientation


ITSM it is based on functions such as systems management, network management, application development and on process domains such as Change Management, Service Level Management and Problem Management.

To be able to work with ITSM, ITIL and MOF are two of the frameworks available to the IT service organization or department aiming for the highest quality at the lowest cost in a turbulent environment.

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