SCRUM Meetings

There are four kind of meetings for each sprint, I’m writing a small description of each and the schedule for our meetings on the AI project.


Sprint Planning Meeting

This meeting is held at the beginning of each sprint.  It has a recommend time-box of no more than two hours per week duration of the sprint.

Meeting objectives:

  • Select what work is to be done in the upcoming sprint.
  • Discuss with the team how much of the work is likely to be finished within the sprint.

At the end of the meeting everyone should know what task and PBI has assigned, and who should work with.


Daily Scrum Meeting

This is a very informal meeting.  Characterised for being a stand-up meeting in order to keep it fast.  Lasting no more than 15 minutes.

This meeting includes every member of the developers team.  And is to be held on time, even if the development team is incomplete.  Even though everyone is welcome to attend the meeting usually only people who is directly involved would speak.

It’s specially useful for the scrum master since every member notes if there is any impediment, which would be documented by the scrum master to be solved after the meeting.

Even if no detailed discussion takes place in this meeting, everyone does answer what have done the day before and what will do today  in order to help the dev team meet the sprint goal.


End Meetings

This are meetings conducted at the end of each sprint; The sprint review and sprint retrospective.

Sprint Review Meeting

At this stage two activities takes places. First a demo is given to the stakeholders.  Presenting completed work under the acceptance criteria or definition of done. Incomplete work can’t be showed at the demo and is review at the second activity; Second the completed work is reviewed.  The planned work that was not completed is also reviewed and its inclusion in the next sprint or back into the backlog is evaluated.

This meeting should not last longer than 4 hours.

Sprint Retrospective Meeting

This meeting is hosted by the scrum master.  It involves every team member.  Members shares theirs thoughts about the past sprint and how to make improvements.

It has a three hour time limit.  It’s main objective is to answer what went well in the sprint and what could be improved on the next sprint.


For our project we are having all of this meeting and here is the schedule.  Please feel free to show up any time if you want to check them out.

Sprint planing meeting: Tuesday at 9PM
Daily scrum meeting: Everyday at 9PM except for Mondays.
Sprint review meeting:  Friday at 7PM
Sprint retrospective: Monday at 9PM
All of the meetings take place at the TEC building in the classroom T-402.

One thought on “SCRUM Meetings”

  1. Thanks for the refresher

    SCRUM Methodology is really interesting and is important to be aware of all the differente activities we must complete to keep track of our project.

    Let’s keep the good work team!

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