Joomla plugin example

Hello everybody, today I’m sharing a post about an example of how to work on a Joomla plugin. It explains in detail what is a plugin and how does it work. It also shows where to use hooks, explains the functionality of the code from certain files and more.

This will help us to clear some doubts about the project, and will give us a better understanding of what we must do on our project:

5 thoughts on “Joomla plugin example”

  1. Team, please lets have a look to the link. I think is going to be very useful, it explains exactly what we need for this sprint.

  2. The best part of it is that it’s not specific to my task, because it shows the relation between the ‘hooks’ or events and the methods used to add functionality to the webpage, so it has all what we need to understand our work on this sprint.

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