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Sprint Planning – Sprint 5

For Drupal’s QA

  • QA’s document will be redefine because of the need to register successful tests and not only bug findings.

Drupal’s Module

  • It will be finished this sprint.

We decided to use GitHub as our source control (it will take over TFS)


  • There will be a meeting on Saturday 21 to get close and get the knowledge of the current project of Software Engineering 2

Other Plug-ins

  • Other plug-ins investigation (Android Studio (Java), iOS (Objective-C), Windows Phone (WinJS), …)

Sprint Restrospective – Sprint 2

Yesterday, march 3, we talked about how sprint 2 was going.

First we talked about the server migration. We agreed about providing to the other project team everything they need to install our TFS instance on their infrastructure and publish it using their Azure account. In addition, they are going to support us by publishing a Joomla instance to test our plugin. Also, we are going to use this WordPress instance (almlatam.net) to see the behavior of the WordPress Application Insights plugin.

As a result of the second sprint PBIs, we also agreed to implement some specific Joomla events and php functions, to submit the Joomla telemetry to Application Insights.

Sprint Planning – Sprint 2

Yesterday (25/02) we had the second sprint planning meeting.

We talk about several things like what we do on the last sprint, we resolve doubts about Application Insights, talk about the Application Insigths SDK for PHP, and how we are going to create the Joomla plugin to let this CMS platform users monitor the performance and users of their web sites.

Here is a the link (https://github.com/Microsoft/AppInsights-PHP) that let us download the AppInsigths SDK for PHP, that is going to be the base of our plugin. In addition we are going to use the WordPress plugin (https://github.com/Microsoft/AppInsights-WordPress) as an example to implement the Application Insiths SDK to the client and server side of a Joomal website.

After an analysis of the WordPress plugin, we realized that previously to start developing the plugin we need some specific functions provided by WordPress. So on this sprint we are going to work on finding the equivalent functions provided by Joomla, or develop them if doesn’t exist. We algo are going to be working on the migration of out TFS server, from the Amazon cloud to a physical server in the University. We are going to use the server to publish our TFS instance, and also we are going to publish a WordPress instance with the Application Insights plugin to see how it works and finally we are going to publish a Joomla instance to test how our plugin. So this are our PBIs for this Sprint are:

* Replicate the add_action() WordPress function for Joomla.
* Replicate the do_action() WordPress function for Joomla.
* Replicate the “wp_head” WordPress hook for Joomla.
* Replicate the “shutdown” WordPress hook for Joomla.

Please comment along the Sprint.