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Sprint Planning – Sprint 5

For Drupal’s QA

  • QA’s document will be redefine because of the need to register successful tests and not only bug findings.

Drupal’s Module

  • It will be finished this sprint.

We decided to use GitHub as our source control (it will take over TFS)


  • There will be a meeting on Saturday 21 to get close and get the knowledge of the current project of Software Engineering 2

Other Plug-ins

  • Other plug-ins investigation (Android Studio (Java), iOS (Objective-C), Windows Phone (WinJS), …)

Sprint Planning Review – Sprint 3

People who were present at the meeting:

  • Fidel Morales
  • Juan Manuel López
  • José Luis Morales
  • Rodrigo González
  • Manuel Santizo
  • Gustavo Zamora
  • Raúl Guerra
  • Giorgio Balconi
  • Erick Díaz
  • Nery Orellana
  • Josué Mazariegos

The meeting started at 9:10pm, and ended by 9:30pm.

What do we talk in the meeting:

  • Finish PBI server.
  • Raul will be responsible to track the infrastructure of the project. He also will talk to Edwin Cerna and learn everything in order to manage the infrastructure by himself.
  • Juan Manual shows the plugin in WordPress.
  • The functions that we will need to find equivalences in Joomla are seven.
  • The scrum team will need to try the events on server side and the client side.

The tasks for this week:

  • Exchange the server
  • The page for the instrumentation key
  • Equivalent functions
  • Develop the plugin
  • Be sure to set the necessary events
  • QA Trigger events
  • Server side
  • Client side