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Retrospective Meeting – Sprint 3

People who were present on the meeting:

Giorgio Balconi
Manuel Santizo
Jose Luis Morales
Fidel Morales
Juan Manuel Lopez
Rodrigo Gonzalez
Erick Diaz
Raul Guerra
Gustavo Zamora
Josue Mazariegos

Everyone talked about how we feel on the sprint. And all agreed that the video uploaded from Juanma, the scrum master, explaining how to setup a local demo of Joomla in order to made the testing was very helpful. He also recommend us to take a look to the Joomla site tomorrow in order to verify that the functions performed in the code actually do their job as expected.

The meeting lasted about 20 minutes and befoe we leave the class, Juanma congratulated the group for demonstrate their effort throughout the sprint and encouraged us to continue working tirelessly to achieve the objective.

Sprint Restrospective – Sprint 2

Yesterday, march 3, we talked about how sprint 2 was going.

First we talked about the server migration. We agreed about providing to the other project team everything they need to install our TFS instance on their infrastructure and publish it using their Azure account. In addition, they are going to support us by publishing a Joomla instance to test our plugin. Also, we are going to use this WordPress instance (almlatam.net) to see the behavior of the WordPress Application Insights plugin.

As a result of the second sprint PBIs, we also agreed to implement some specific Joomla events and php functions, to submit the Joomla telemetry to Application Insights.